Logical Reasoning 4

Logical Reasoning Practice Test #4

As mentioned on our practice page, the following will consist of 5 questions. It’s a good practice to make note of the time it took you to answer these questions. In most cases, during an aptitude test, time is of the essence.

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Question #1
Which of the following numbers has an identical mirror image?

A. 3
B. 6
C. 8
D. 9

The correct answer is: C

Logical Reasoning Test #4 Question #1
Explanation: Imagine a mirror line between the original object and the image. Each point of the image in the mirror is at the same distance from the mirror line as the corresponding point in the original object. Number 8 has an identical mirror image.

Question #2
Which of the following words has an identical water image?


The correct answer is: C

Explanation: An object has an inverted image in the water. This is similar to turning the object upside down. The image of the word “EXCIDE” in water remains the same as EXCIDE.

Question #3
Two persons are walking together. One of them says to the other, “Though you are my father, yet I am not your son”. What is the relationship between the two?

A. Father and grandfather
B. Father and son-in-law
C. Father and son
D. Father and daughter

The correct answer is: D

Explanation: Here the first person is the daughter and the second person is her father.

Question #4
Mike starts from his home and drives 10 miles towards the west then turns to his right and drives 10 miles and then turns to his left and drives 5 miles again turning to his left he drives for 10 miles. Finally, he turns left and drives 15 miles. What is the shortest distance of the present location from his home?

A. 50 km
B. 30 km
C. 15 km
D. 0 km

The correct answer is: D


Logical Reasoning Test #4 Question #4

Question #5
A doctor, a businessman, a broker, and a banker all live in the same building. Their names are David, Alex, Peter, and Lara, not necessarily in that order.
i. David and the banker are not friends of Peter.
ii. Alex and the broker are friends.
iii. Peter and the doctor live on the same floor.
iv. The businessman is a friend of Lara and the broker.

What is the profession of Peter?
A. Doctor
B. Businessman
C. Broker
D. Banker

The correct answer is: C

Explanation: We know from condition #(i )that Peter is not a banker. We further know from condition #(iii) that Peter is not a doctor. So, the remaining two professions are businessman and broker. As per condition #(i) Peter is not a friend of 2 out of the 3 remaining persons and hence can have only one friend; whereas the businessman has two friends( ref. condition #( iv). Hence, Peter is not a businessman. Peter is a broker. Hence, C is the correct answer.

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