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Free Logical Reasoning Practice Questions

These free logical reasoning questions created to measure your understanding of logical concepts. Please read the question thoroughly, select an answer then proceed to the answer to confirm. For each question, you will find a detailed answer on how the correct answer is reached.
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Each link contains 5 sample questions:

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Importance of logical reasoning test

Logical thinking has its major advantages other than getting yourself good scores after the test maybe in your local university. Logical thinking helps one to draw conclusions faster and hence save time and energy that would have either gone to waste. Logical tests are also brain sharpeners as most IQ tests require an individual to apply both critical thinking and logical thinking.

Many would not see the direct advantages logical thinking is associated with but every day to day life involves the use of corrective thinking skills. By statistics, the youths or individuals below the age of 20 years are known to have a great ability in thinking logically.

If a logical test was carried out in a population, older individuals are reportedly outshined by the young generation in making valid and better decisions. Although logical tests are not compulsory, it would be greatly advisable to frequently take them to ensure that your brain’s performance is intact.

In conclusion, logical tests are equally important in our lives and careers. During job interviews, individuals who passed logical tests were seen to be good at performance and decision-making. Although saying that all managers are logical thinkers may not be practically true, it is their duty to use the necessary critical and logical thinking techniques to maximize their organization’s performance.